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Paulo Franca -

I'm tired to be ashamed with my country. I do cross my fingers to see Mr. Goldman reunited with his son as soon as possible.

Jeanne M Hannah

Thank you Paulo for your post. I, too, hope to see David and Sean Goldman reunited as soon as possible.

Meg Tudor

I have always wanted to travel to Brazil. Tales of the Amazon jungle, and Brazil's wonderful festivals have enthralled me since I was a child. And I still want to go!

But this international incident of child abduction has given me pause. That being said-I have faith in the Brazilian justice system. It is only ONE wealthy, well-connected family that has held justice up-and I hope this week the Brazilian Supreme Court says that enough is enough. Thank you Ms. Hannah for keeping us updated-I especially enjoyed reading the translate transcripts from Judge Rafael Pinto's decisions back in June. HE clearly has his head screwed on right-go Judge Pinto! I hope that once this case when it is resolved hopefully in David and Sean's favor that the Brazilian will take a good hard look at the way this played out-and take steps to see that this never happens again.

The Hague treaty should be respected to the letter by all the partie who signed it-including Brazil. Sean should have been returned to his TRUE father within days of his mother's tragic demise. It should never ever have been allowed to go this far. A less-connected, less wealthy family would have NEVER been allowed to get away with what that wicked step-father and the maternal grandparents are getting away with. Never. This is about power-and corruption.

Jeanne M Hannah

Thank you Meg for your post. Let's hope that today's ruling sends David Goldman home with Sean.

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