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Joemaflage Familyrights

A few months ago I testified infront of the house judiciary on a bill that potentially would have been a mess for step parents and bio-parents. Also grand parents and other relatives it was the second parent adoption bill. I testified against this bill however since it was twisted to make it easier for the GBLT community to take children from thier families and give them rights that the people have already voted against thru Prop 2. I think that we need to get the system to promote both parents being actively involved with the raising of children before we just toss one of the bio-parents out the window. The Rood case was just one example of how the system favors one parent over the other at a high cost to the children involved


What exactly does "regularly and substantially failed or neglected" mean? We would like to get bio mom's rights terminated and have me adopt the kids (3.5, 4.5, 5.5). If my husband has sole custody and CO says we take the kids across the country for supervised visits with biomom, which we do, but she chooses not to come to the kids for her week, would that count? She has the contact/visits that one time, but only because we do what we are supposed to do. She's also calling about every two to three weeks, except for the next 2 months because she's in jail. No support is ordered due to the cost of her coming across the country to see the kids-- which she's not doing. She's supposed to also pay half of the uninsured medical expenses- luckily we've only had $100 worth which we paid and sent her a receipt, but she refused to pay half.

She has also claimed 2 of the 3 kids on her state assistance/food stamps and got caught with welfare fraud (no jail time) and has used the 5.5 year old's social security number to open accounts which she left unpaid. Since she's on the birth certificate she can get the new soc # if we got them changed so that's pointless unless I adopt them. Is that sort of stuff grounds for termination?

Jeanne M Hannah


I always hate to see a court order that provides for no support because it can inhibit a parent's ability to get a termination for a stepparent adoption. I am hopeful that, perhaps, your court order states specifically that the reason there is no child support is because it is to facilitate her ability to exercise parenting time. Combine that with her failure to bother to see the children unless you do the transportation and you may be able to get a termination of parental rights for the adoption. Every case is different, though, and every judge responds differently to this type of request.

I don't suppose that there is any reason why she would consent to a step-parent adoption . . . since she has so few responsibilities with respect to the children. If she would consent, then it would be easy.


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