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Doug Dante

"The Parent Leadership in State Government Training Project provides leadership training for Michigan Parents who want to help impact local state and federal program planning and policy development. "

It is a lobbying group. They're offering a 2 day free training session. 3 of them. That's 6 working days for someone.

This is merely the latest bit of evidence that FOC is using taxpayer dollars to fund lobbying activities in violation of state and federal law.

Advocates for real reform, however, could likely be excluded via the applications process:

"Who can apply for the training? Any parent in Michigan who has a child age birth to 18 years and has received specialty services in Michigan for their child."

You must apply.

How will they know who's a "good" parent? Easy, certain parents whose situation doesn't suit the needs of the FOC or this lobbying front group need not apply. An FOC Parenting Coordinator is running the program, so it's an easy matter to review FOC records and weed out the "undesirables":

So, my suspicion is that this "training" for this lobbying group will be held on FOC property, with FOC resources, while the coordinator is paid taxpayer funded to FOC dollars, and will focus on "FOC friendly" lobbying activities.

Why are no addresses listed? Well, it may be that FOC is avoiding placing evidence of use of government property on the Internet.

Bonus, they will even reimburse child care during training!

My, there's a lot of free money there.

Something tells me it's taxpayer money, taken from children and parents who need real services, and not to have it taken from them by bureaucrats who want to use it for their own lobbying efforts.

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