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An attorney friend of mine from Michigan, now living in California frequently mentions this program.

He does so because California seems destined to continue getting kids killed. (see

Unfortunately California's Chief Justice Ronald George, who convened the Elkins Task Force in an effort to address California's extremely dysfunctional family courts, invited then rejected the public.

Shortly thereafter the Elkins Task Force became instead, a Ponzi scheme of so-called good intentions - flush with the very judges about whom a public outcry has been raised.

See the San Diego section of

Sadly, a press release trilling its success can be expected to be released, along with self-congratulatory fanfare, shortly.

Jeanne M Hannah

The Friend of the Court has its detractors, of course. Single parents sometimes express an opinion that opting out (after a divorce)is a good thing and that the FOC unfairly convinces the other parent not to do so because of self-interest -- because the FOC Office will lose monies if a parent leaves the program.

Here's another example of a service provided by Michigan Family Courts with the help of the FOC. It's called the S.M.I.L.E. Program. The name stands for "Start Making It Livable for Everyone," the "It" being divorce or separation, of course. Participation is mandatory. Exceptions are made for military families on active duty. A great summary description is found here.

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