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Free Time

I know that as a mother, it was really hard to feed in public. People are just not very accepting of this any more.

Jeanne M Hannah

Yes, I understand that many people are not tolerant. However, it is possible to nurse discreetly in public. For example, when I flew with my infant in 1973, I was able to nurse him (not just because he was hungry but most important, so that his ears would not hurt from the pressure on take-off and landing). I simply draped a light blanket over him.

It's not that people did not know what I was doing. Several older women stopped me as I got off the plane with my two children and told me that they thought I was a wonderful mother and they praised me for having the courage to mother according to what was best for my children, not what was "socially acceptable."

Interestingly, it took me many months to put my foot down and nurse in the presence of my in-laws. I got tired of sitting in a back bedroom to nurse and told them that it was a natural act, that there wasn't anything disgusting about it, and that I was planning to be discreet. Everything was cool after that. Jeanne

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