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This is a sad story and the first time I've heard of Michigan's laws regarding the biological father's rights to children of mother's that are married to another man. I find it amazing and an egregious miscarriage of justice that a mother need only marry days before the birth of a child to terminate the biological father's rights. I'm curious to know what happens if such a marriage ends in divorce. Can the biological father, who has not been permitted to visit or bond with his child, now be called upon to pay child support or is it the responsibility of the step father who, presumably, acted as the child's father legally and actually?

Jeanne M Hannah

Hello Carlos,

Your question is timely and also somewhat difficult to answer because every case is dependent upon its own specific facts. Given the complexity of the topic, I will address this is a separate post.

Jeanne M Hannah


I'm just finding out about this law, I wish I had know before. My daughter and grandson is in early stage of a yelky case.
My daughter seperated from her husbusd, she always wanted a 2nd child, so she found out about "getting sperm from an unknown donor, thru artifically insementing. She soon became pregnant this way, she filed for devorce, however it was not final until after the baby was born. she then loss her job, no insurance, so she turned to the state for help. now the state is demanading to know her husband info, they say he is responsible, Ex husband is not happy, and neither is my daughter. they are going to seek legal councel.

Jeanne M Hannah

Kim, your daughter's ex-husband might be the legal father, but he can fight the paternity and demand DNA testing. When the DNA testing shows he is not the biological father, then he can "dis-establish parentage."

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