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Nice post. Keep going with such topic. You have chosen a very good topic to discuss here. It will be very beneficial for many of the people who does not or have little knowledge on this topic. Today STD's are one of the most common disease among the peoples. So we should discuss and share our knowledge and aware others on this.


"HPV is the STD that keeps on giving", how immature nd ignorant of you to make a joke out of a potentially fatal disease. It's little sayings like these that make STD's a joke, increase stigma surrounding them, and keep people from dicussing them. Shame on you.

Jeanne M Hannah


One should always read a comment in context, not stopping before the comma and expanding material. As here:

"I've written extensively about the dangers of teen sex and the rampant increase in incidence of HPV infection. HPV is the STD that keeps on giving, spreading exponentially when an infected boy or girl has sex with others. There are three strains of HPV that cause virtually all cervical cancers."

There was no joking going on here. This is serious business. STDs are spread exponentially. To get a vivid illustration, you might look at the centerfold of the book "Epidemic: How Teen Sex is Killing Our Kids" by Dr. Meg Meeker.

Anyone having sex needs to realize that the other person may be carrying STDs from many, many people. The reality and the danger of HPV is truly scary. Jeanne M. Hannah

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