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Teen Group Homes

Premature sex is most popular among today’s teenagers which completely spoil the life of teen girl. That girl has to face so many problems physically, mentally and socially. girl group homes suggest helpful programs to help such defiant teenagers.

Jeanne Hannah

I agree with your statements completely. Sexual activity among teenagers is spreading HPV exponentially.

Just last week I read the story of a survivor of cervical cancer. Here's what Michelle Whitlock wrote in MAMM:

"That Girl"

When I started having sex, I didn't know anything about what causes cervical cancer. That's largely because cervical cancer is clouded with a stigma due to its association with a sexually transmitted disease called human papillomavirus, or HPV. Many survivors are too ashamed and embarrassed to share their stories.

"When you mention HPV, people immediately think you have genital warts, or assume that you slept around. There's this sense that women with cervical cancer caused their own illness when actually it's ignorance that's the main culprit.

"It's estimated that more than half of women will carry a sexually transmitted strain of HPV at some point in their lives. Many of those strains do not have any symptoms, and you can contract them by having sex one time with a single partner, even if you use a condom (though condoms do decrease your risk). I didn't know any of that."

Read the rest of Michelle's story here. Pass it along. It could save lives.

Jeanne M Hannah

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