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Interestingly, many of the pitfalls that Professor Duane explains also apply to meetings with custody evaluators in Michigan. In particular, through closed door meetings without lawyers, witnesses, or a written record, custody evaluators can amplify and reinforce the false statements of the parties.

One dad told me how he felt the custody evaluator in his case picked and chose facts in his/her evaluation. (tiny url dot com slash 69mblv)

Given child custody survey results show that referees follow custody evaluator recommendations 95% of the time, and judges follow those referee rulings 100% of the time. (tinyurl dot com slash 623d5r)

A custody evaluator who makes an incorrect human judgment, believing a party who lies, or who mistakenly mis-remembers the facts of a particular case, and makes a recommendation based on false recollections, can make a recommendation, virtually a ruling, which can seriously restrict a parent's ability to care for his or her children.

Unfortunately, many parents have little choice in the matter, and will be compelled by the court to meet with evaluators. Most of these parents will not have a lawyer, or even a credible witness, present during such meetings.

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