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Now everything I have read does say live in the state for 180 days but is it AND or is it OR have been in the county 10 days? I am currently living in Houston, TX and will be getting a divorce. I understand that if a divorce is filed here my spouse will most likely be able to put distance restrictions on me. I am from Lansing Michigan and only left there 5 years ago. I maintain a bank account there and ALL of my family. Here in Houston I have no support and no family. I do not want a restriction to be put on me that will not allow me to move back to my family after my husband of 10 years decides to leave our home and end our marriage. He has not been monetarily providing for the past 4 months and our home is soon to go into foreclosure. If I go to michigan immediately and file after 10 days will that be suffice? Or will I have to wait 180 days? and in the mean time he will file in TX to force me to come back?

Native Michigander

Jeanne M Hannah


The law requires that you reside in Michigan for 180 days AND you reside in the county of _________ for 10 days prior to filing. Residing 10 days in a county in Michigan, after having resided in Texas for 5 years will not result in jurisdiction in Michigan. You should consult an attorney in Houston, Texas, because jurisdiction will be there.

Kelly Kay

I am thinking about divorcing my husband after 10 years of marriage. I have been the main breadwinner for the entire marriage and he has refused to hold any kind of full time job (contributing less than 1/2 of the family income). This was never our mutual decision (he was fired from his family business after 3 months of marriage). Is there a law that states he will receive 1/2 of everything after 10 years of marriage? Thank you, Kelly Kay

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