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Barry Chapman

I am suffering from this problem, now. My wife, with bi-polar disorder, has accumulated over $8,000 in credit card debt in the last six months. I have consulted with lawyers who seem to be split on what action I should take. Some recommend guardianship while others do not want to touch this situation with a "ten foot pole". Even those recommending quardianship, i.e. she cannot make contracts in her own name, warn me that my spouse can block this action by convincing a judge that there is nothing wrong with her. She believes that there is nothing wrong with her but she will not stop accumulating credit card debt. Even mental health professionals have told her to stop this practice but they have also told me that a judge must approve me controlling how she spends money. If I divorce my spouse, I must still pay her expenses, because she cannot work and she has not paid enough into Social Security to collect benefits.

Nisa Curtis-Quick

I am currently having a HUGE problem. My husband and I are in the process of divorce. We have been married less then a year and and have two small children. I had no idea about the credit card debt even though he had me listed as an authorized user. I had my name taken off the account shortly after he left, after finding out by having a my credit report run. What a shock! My husband (soon ex) is insistant that I am responsible for half of the debt. I never used the cards or was aware of the balance. Why should I be held responsible for something I never used and that the credit card company has said that I am not liable for?

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