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Mr. Larry Gregory

Many facts that are presently known in the medical community are not discussed in conjunction with the vaccines of Gardasil or Cervarix (Cervarix is expected to be approved by the FDA between October and January 2008). The reason more information about hpv and other body areas of infection and its presence with other viral infections may be to the required proof that is required by clinical FDA required trials before a vaccine can be approved for a targeted infection. My point is that hpv is associated with many other body cancers. In some cases --- hpv when in the presence of some other vial infections that are capable of developing cancer are more likely to develop cancer. In the case of nasal cavity cancer, almost all cases of cancer are due to Epstein-Barr and HPV. The hpv vaccine may limit or prevent (but this is not proven), the development of nasal cavity cancer. This dual infection with Epstein-Barr is not limited to nasal cavity but to about 20% of bladder cancers (I believe it is higher than 20% because hpv has a tendency to cluster and avoid detection on the bladder). Several viruses have been proven to be associated with various cancers, and the aspect of dual infection is not openly disussed in the public community. Another point, that avoids discussion due to the requirements of the FDA that clinical trials must be in large numbers for a targeted diseases. Some times getting people to participate in large numbers in clinical trials when the cancer can be easily removed via surgery ---as is the cases of many skin cancers and other body cancer areas that are much less common than cervical cancer---as is the case with vulvar, penile, anal, lip, throat and other body areas. Another point not discussed by medical professionals is tht hpv when in the presence of an existing cancer ---like melanoma which is normally a fast developing cancer, the melanoma cancer will develop even faster. Other points that avoid discussion because of requirement parameters laid -out by the FDA is the unexplained facts about hpv which include brain tumors in children under three years of age, which included the presence of hpv in 10% of all breast cancers, which includes statistics and discussions about many unexplained facts including younger females who have become infected with multiple strains of hpv or younger females who have become infected by an older male when they were under 16 years of age. In many undeveloped countries ---and some times in this country---, metastasis is not discussed and that a cancer in another region of the body may have come from another location, often this is the case for women who never smoked but developed lung cancer.

I am the author of a book called "Are You at Risk for Cancer from HPV? Google search, BookMaster, Amazon, WalMart, Brodart, and Borders.

My book does discuss limited self testing, diets, soaps and other means of transmission other than sexual.

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