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Leah Bailey

I have been divorced since 2006. We have 2 children who are now 12 & 17. My son was about to begin his senior year in high school when my ex decides to move 500 miles away, lives with his sister, her 3 kids and recently moved in his internet girlfriend and her kid. Now, he has been taking me to court 3 times in the past 4 months. The last issues were: (1) He stated my 17 yr old son was living with him, when he hadn't seen him in over a month; (2) He wanted child support & a parenting time schedule for our daughter. The Judge in my case (Michigan) allowed the decision of our son to move downstate with his father. I agreed as it seemed like my son really wanted to go and be around my ex's family. In turn I receive full physical custody of my daughter. We did not go over the 100-mile rule whatsoever. The fact remains, HE moves away, The kids and I get punished by me having to drive for a 1/2 day to meet him half way AND pay for my own gas. The kids have to ride in a car all day. It is just ridiculous and unfair. He has a place to stay up here if he chose to visit up here with the kids so they can attend their extracurricular activities and not have to travel. I do not have to pay him child support, but my will drop. The point is, I had to realize that it was extremely difficult to let me son go, but I love him so much and did not want to see him miserable and/or not stay up here and wonder what life would be like if he lived with his dad. He is a senior this year and I figure it was only one more year until he went away to college anyway. I still cry just about every day, but would never tell him that. Co-parenting is non-existent in my case. I hope one day it will change, but I am not betting on it. Despite all my animosity towards my ex, I gave him the best gift ever, custody of our son.

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