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Scott M Whiteford

my name is Scott M. Whiteford I believe to call my marriage a sham marriage do to circomstances like the mother of my two children writing a guy the whole time we were maried and having another child while separated. although I tried to reconcile several times and in the process I was stabbed and cut several time by the guy she was writing,even after all that I let her try to reconcile but it was a failure for the last time. I have my two children and she has her son ,but I will not give her my address, because she has indangered my life more than that with diffrent stories instating people toward me. altough the children do speak to her on the phone. I have my faults in the so called marriage like pressuring her to get married becuse of what diffrent churchs to us about curses on the childrens life,we got married after a month after my first child was born at the justice of peace..even though there is no legal dipute about her tearing the marrage license up after a week,i would like to add she was not happy about kissing at the ceramony in front of our new born and her grand parents who was advising me to do it at another time. My question is should this be consedered a "sham"?I feel it is and I feel there was never no real mareage even as I tryed to make it..I would like to meet a person I am compatable with and have a real mariage.. my phone number is 630 330 5741

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