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Desiree Silverstone

It is indeed troubling that someone needs to be at 'fault' and to 'blame' during a period in which both parties are usually feeling vulnerable, stressed, anxious, hurt and angry. Having to blame or take the blame is quite punitive during an already difficult period. It is ironic that the Government does not want to be seen to be a Nanny State and yet it advocates like an authoritative parent would, that they can only dissolve their marriage on the basis that someone is at fault. It is time that the divorce laws reflect that people have a right to decide if they no longer wish to remain married and that they do not need to justify their decisions to anyone.

At the same time, the Government has now advocated that couples who are separating or getting a divorce should use family mediation as an alternative as it is less acrimonious and also less stressful, whilst at the same time keeping in place that one of the parties has to take the blame. This in itself can make the mediation process difficult and has the potential of promoting animosity.

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