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with suicide everyone blames's dad's sister's bro's friend's..please don't blame yourselves. i have been on both sides...with suicide the victums find a finally peace,BUT WITH HELP,NOT JUST MEDS[meds didn't help me] HAVING SOMEONE WHO CARES...SOMEONE WHO MAKES THAT 911 CALL TO GET SOMEONE HELP. when i was thinking about suicide,i was saved by the love of my sister. comming back from that low was slow..but well worth it!
now divorced from my abusive wife,the love i feel from everyone else...oh what a change. i love life..i love myself.
someone putting myself down,added to my own self hate.
i had to learn to love did i do that? started thinking..everyone loves my dad..he is kind,caring,willing to help others,honest loving.....then it hit me..i am like dad..people do love me..i am kind,caring,honest...why..WHY am i beating myself up? being away from an abusive ex wife has helped greatly. ABUSE ONLY MAKES US FEEL POORLY ABOUT OURSELVES!
we must stop abuse! we must show love!! we must not be affraid to get help to anyone showing signs of depression!
diet[stay away from sugars,EXERCISE,VITAMINS,getting depressed people out of the house to enjoy a movie..sporting events..listening to go shopping..but get them out of the house!! at 1st..i didn't want to buddy said..LETS GO!! i turned him down many times..but he kept after me! for me it was going to a bar to eat..then listening to kids play there drums at school....keep asking to go to different places,until the depressed wants to go. push them to get out..but more important..just show them love!!
lynn..a very happy..VERY HAPPY 59 YR OLD MALE

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