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I am SICKENED by this law....This makes NO sense what so ever.... So the woman that runs around and gets pregnant while married to another man, comes out smelling like a rose???? Please...if anyone deserves the punishment its the mother.....The full right should b given to the biological father.... I dont care if she is separated....this only makes my point more you have a state appointed father...making life miserable for the biological father....not to mention the mental issues this child is getting from the disruption of it all. I am also going thru the same thing....My nephew had a baby with a woman who was so called in the process of getting a divorce.....well. guess what...she wasnt....she has been living with my nephews parents for the past 3 years, and they have taken care of all her, her two children from marriage, and their precious grand baby....only to find out, she has been running around with other men, while living in their home, and using have no biological rights at all...she moved to her parents, with her two girls in SC, and now coming back to get the baby from my house. My family, and I have raised, and been in this darling baby's 9 months of life, only to have him ripped away from us, to go to her parents, who never even made an effort to come see him once.... We are worried for the baby....we are just sick with Michigan....this law makes no sense at all....what happens if God forbid something medical is wrong with the child....then is there a need for the biological father???? C'mon....really???? Lets get it together Michigan....Don't let other states think we are this stupid!!!

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