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Jeanne M. Hannah

Thank you for writing. It's difficult to see how making a person unemployed (by throwing him or her in jail) is going to solve the problem of unpaid child support.


It's not fair when a father has so much money that he's able to not pay his support and get away with it. In my case, my ex-husband remarried someone with a 6-figure salary so he quit working and lives off of her, then had the court lower his support from $642/mo to $79/mo for 2 kids. Absolutely ridiculous the court didn't impute his income like the previous order. There was no change in circumstances. He actually increased his income since the last order. All I see is obvious favoritism towards his pricey lawyer. This is Oakland County. I've lost faith in this "justice system". It doesn't seem to matter if you're breaking the law and not following court orders, it just matters how much money you have to give to lawyers who give to judge's campaigns. So the kids lose in the end and the rich get richer.

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