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Joe Jurecki

I see some of the points in this however I see it a bit different with the mass of information out there on the net. I know people who are great at working on old cars yet they do not have the technology to scan the new ones so they often take a car that needs work to a shop to get it diagnosed for a small fee then they take that valuable information and fix it themselves since doing the work wasn't the issue.

I think that this might be somewhat along those lines in my mind. Many lawyers will give you a free intial visit and then go into great detail of the things they would do or file on your behalf. With that valuable information you can do a simple google search and likely find the same documents ready to edit to your needs.

What is ironic is that you can sue for malpractice yet so far you are not able to claim ineffective counsel in our family courts since you have no RIGHT to counsel. I took this issue to the COA in my own case yet they denied it and I had other fish in the fryer to proceed with and let this issue die.

In my mind you hire a lawyer for a few reasons. 1. They have a record of fighting a good fight on behalf of thier client which means they either do thier homework or are respected/ connected to the local judges.

2. They have a fluid style of writing that can wrap both the legal and technical issues of the case into one. This is a gift you have or you do not from my experience. If reading your brief is dry you will likely lose half of your arguements no matter how right they are.

3. Probably the most important I would think is for piece of mind. I would not go into any court without some basic knowledge or homework on my own behalf so that way I know enough to keep my lawyer honest and working for me. Even with that basic knowledge there are things that someone who has been in any job for a period of time will do because its second nature to them by now and they keep up to date enough to pull a rabbit out of the hat if needed.

Most of the time if you run into something unexpected and you have a good lawyer on your side you can at least minimize the damage or dig enough of a footing to revisit the issue on appeal by preserving the arguements.

Any fool can file most anything this day in age but the price of knowing its right far outweights having to revisit the issue after time has diluted your stance

As for malpractice the time lines are very tight and its very expensive

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