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Tim, as I wrote the post, I was thinking the same thing -- how could a "custodial parent" who hasn't supported the child in the past 12 months take the exemption? You are right, of course. It's not legal. I'd like to think that the I.R.S. would cooperate with left-behind parents, though, in recovering kidnapped children. I have a few tools I use to assist law enforcement in recoveries, and the IRS exemption would certainly be a great one to put in the toolbox.

I was glad to see you at the Institute. What a terrific conference. Jeanne

Jeanne: Another informative post. I agree that the IRS should disclose this information if a showing is made that the claimant's child has been kidnapped. One issue that could come up, however, is that the IRS perhaps takes a dim view of someone, a parent, attempting to claim a deduction when the child obviously does not reside in their home, as required by the IRS regs. Just a thought.

BTW, it was great seeing you at the 9th ICLE Family Law Institute. Keep the faith.

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