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Jeanne M. Hannah

Monika, what a sad, sad story. When the husband did not want the child, it seems unconstitutional and outrageous for the biological father not to be offered the opportunity to parent the child. However, given the archaic state of the law--not just in Michigan, but in most states that have not adopted the Uniform Parentage Act, I can see how this happened.

Unfortunately, what you have here, however, is the intervening adoption. Thus, the pending legislation will not affect your husband's case. However, when the child is 18, if the child knows who her father is, she will be able to make her own choice about whether to get to know her father.

Monika Lobsinger

My husband fathered a child 12 years ago to a married woman in Michigan. An affidavit was signed approximately when the child was three months old. When the mother was arrested and jailed about two years later the child was put into my husbands care untold the mothers court date, st which time the courts took the child away from my husband stating that the affidavit was null due to the mother being married at conception. The child was then put into the foster care system. Dna testing was not allowed as neither the mother or her husband agreed to it. Through the years my husband has tried to keep contact with the child but was always denied. Since he met me and we have since had our own children, he has tried to contact her adoptive family after finding her once again through facebook. At first he was given the ok to message her, then the family recanted and now does not want him to contact her. Does this situation, going by the information I have given, fall under this new legislation?

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