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Jeanne M. Hannah

Wendi, how about scrolling to the bottom of my blog post and clicking on the hyperlink?

Wendi Phoenix

I have been trying for over an hour (and even enlisted the help of a local librarian) to find the entire article: Fatal Distraction by Gene Weingarten. It has important research references that I need for an article critique that is due on Tuesday.

Any suggestions?

Steve Alderman

Absolutely amazing article! This has stirred some profound emotions in me.

Before, when I would hear about such a case, I would visualize the child, and feel such a sense of helplessness, almost as if I were there but unable to move or scream or help in any way. I would almost immediately feel a sense of rage toward the parent.

I mean, who could be so stupid, right? How could that cup of java be so important that you let it distract you into going to the next store in the strip mall to get your nails done or shop for a new cell phone? Is waiting in line at the DMV such an enjoyable experience nowadays- so much so that you wouldn't want to share the experience with your kid?

Such anger I felt toward these parents, and yes I still do... but after having read this, it brings another tear to my eye. Such an occurrence, for anyone with half a conscience, brings a life sentence of guilt and remorse. I imagine it being the kind of pain that is the last thing a person feels before falling asleep (when able), and the first thing they feel when they wake up.

Every day... for the rest of their life...

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