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Jeanne M. Hannah

At some point in time, MiSDU will start grabbing the federal tax refund, but his wife can get her portion of the refund back if she files a form stating that the child support is not her obligation.


My son's father does not work he will quit his job when they start deducting from his pay check so he finds jobs that pay him under the table but he is married so I guess my question is can I collect from his wife who supports them she is Head of house hold

Jeanne M. Hannah

Yes, parents remain responsible for child support. Courts will not terminate parental rights unless there is neglect, abuse or a step-parent adoption.


If the parent filed the motion, not the courts, to terminate their own parental rights and the courts granted it, are they still obligated to pay child support?

Jeanne M. Hannah

Errin, please give me a call. I have an idea about what might work for you. As you've likely figured out, termination of parental rights doesn't work if you can't prove both non-support and lack of parent/child relationship. But this sounds like a way to motivate you to make an agreement with him. I can help you resolve this. Jeanne


I have a question, My Daughters father has not ever taken her or seen her since she was born and now she is almost 8 years old. He now wants to get his parenting time.My husband and I have been raising her and she knows nothing of him. Can I file abandonment on him if he is paying child support?? and if he has had visition right since she was born and never take her is there a way I can stop them. And how can my husband adopt her?

Jeanne M. Hannah

Belinda, all cases are decided on the specific facts of the case.


So, does that mean that if a father's parental rights are terminated by the court in Michigan, the mother of the child can still file for child support? Or would this be on a case by case basis? (assuming this couple was never married)...

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