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I pay child support for one child. In addition, I pay 50% of "mutally agreed upon, extracurricular activities according to my divorce decree" which includes two sports activites. I also fund 100% of another sport and equipment. I contribute monthly to a college fund, carry a life insurance policy where the child is beneficiary, and carry the medical and dental insurance for the minor. My ex-wife is now demanding that I pay 50% of all school related activities, field trips and a laptop computer. Is child support to cover these expenses? We have joint custody, but nothing is being discusses with me and what I can afford to pay. Can I be mandated to pay for these activities when there aren't any discussions? Like most households I have a budget and I cannot afford to pay for everything his custodial parent wants to enroll him in when I already fund what I do and have 2 other children to support.

Jeanne M. Hannah


It sounds as though certain expenses are mandated by your Judgment: "I also cover 65% of 'mutually agreed upon, extracurricular activities according to my divorce decree'. This would cover things like cheerleading, gymnastics, etc." So, yes, you would be responsible for these expenses per your judgment / agreement.

However, ordinary expenses like clothing, food, haircuts, etc. are not within the above description. Those are intended to be covered by child support.

Bear in mind that if your ex is the type to bad-mouth you to the children . . . refusing to pay for these might cost you too much in terms of your relationship with your children. You never want your kids caught in the cross-hairs.

Tom Cooper

Hello. I just have a simple question. I have 162 overnights and my ex has 200 over nights. I do pay child support to her. I also cover 65% of "mutually agreed upon, extracurricular activities according to my divorce decree". This would cover things like cheerleading, gymnastics, etc. I am being asked to pay for haircuts and other daily living needs for the kids. For reference, we 50/50 split the cost of the school supplies. Technically, because she is the custodial parent (though barely), should I be responsible for haircuts and normal daily living expenses, given I am paying child support? Please advise. I just need to be relatively certain on the issue to be sure all is fair. Thank you so much.

Jeanne M. Hannah

There is not enough information here for me to render an opinion. You might consider calling my office to schedule a telephone consultation. Jeanne M. Hannah


need help i am a payer i make 420 a week my x wife makes 600 and i pay 390 a month in support i can't afford to live is there anything i can do why does she make so much and i can't pay my billa

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