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Allan Sillett

I too disagree on spousal support for life. I divorced in July 2000 and have faithfully paid support for 10 years. To date, I have paid $201,514.00 in support payments. My ex-wife also got $109K from my 401K and $125K from the sale of our home as part of the settlement. I am now 66 years old (67 in November) and have been diagnosed with cancer. I peitioned the court in California to have my support payment of $1620 per month reduced. The CA DissoMaster showed that the new payment should be $259, yet the judge came back with a reduced amount of $1100. I am currently not working and receiving disability insurance payments of $6516 per month. My ex-wife has more than doubled her salary in 10 years and is currently earning $5226 per month. So now the judge has reduced my $6516 per month to $5416, and increased my ex-wife from $5225 to $6326.00. She has one mouth to feed and I have myself and my current wife. I am fighting for my life while my ex-wife is working and not fighting for life. I believe that the judge is totally without any moral compassion and biased against men for making a decision to reduce my payments to $1100, when I cannot afford that any more than I could the previous $1620.


As a retired military member I would have to disagree with your definition of retired/retainer pay. Military members do not make any monetary contribution to retired pay nor does the government. A military member must serve 20 years to be eligible to recieve pay, one day less 20 years, not eligible for retired/retainer pay. A military member is subject to recall, UCMJ, employment restrictions, citizenship, free from criminal convictions to remain eligible for retired /retainer pay. The former spouse is not legally or morally obligated to any of these restrictions to recieve a portion of the military members retired pay for life. A former spouse can remarry multiple military members for multiple "lifetime" retired pay awards regardless of lenghth of marriage, merit or circumstance. Former spouses can be incarcerated and still recieve payments. Military retired/retainer pay is reduced pay for continued reduced services. No Qualified Domestic Relations Order is required because it is a federal entitlement and NOT a qualified pension plan as per DFAS. Military retired pay cannot be passed on to heirs like property, disposed of, bartered, traded, sold. When a former spouse dies, payments revert back to the military member. How is that property? When the military member dies all payments cease. Morally and legally I can not understand why a military member should support a former spouse and their new spouse and family for life. It's just wrong. I invite you to visit .

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