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Jeanne M. Hannah

Hello Yaribeth,

It's impossible for me to make much comment because I wasn't there. But I know that service members have a difficult time getting to see their children. Often the problems are caused by do it yourself divorces and parenting time schedules that say the non-custodial parent will have parenting time "as the parties may mutually arrange and agree." Naturally, there are some parents who are never going to agree.

Also, there are the barriers to changes in parenting time and custody times caused by the requirement that there has to be a major change in circumstances or good cause before the court can even give the parent a hearing.

It is too bad that there aren't more mothers (and sometimes fathers) who realize that children need access to both parents.

Yaribeth Olan

My husband had his hearing yesterday in Isabella County and lost! He did everything he was suppose to do, and the system justic system failed him. His ex-wife filed a moton for parenting time and childsupport! When she was asked to present her case she had nothing, no proof, no documents to back up her statements!!! My husband had all his paperwork to back up his statement, yet the referee in the case awarded everything to the mother with asking for a spread of evidence!!! My husband was striped of his rights as a father! He wasn't given a fair hearing!!! His ex-wife's sole purpose was to slander him and challenge his reputation as a father!!! All he wanted was more time with his children!!! They need him and he needs them!!! My husband is a active duty service member who is proud to serve his country and is being punished by the state of Michigan who say he will "NEVER" have his children!!! Where is the justic? The court says there has to be proof that the mother is unfit... what about alienation? Through her statement to the court all she cares about is her needs and wants, not the children! She wants to as much as possible to keep their children away from their father!!! The justic system has failed not only my husband, but all parents who are doing the right thing and want nothing more than to have an opportunity in raising their children!

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