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Jeanne M Hannah

I agree with you. This is a no brainer! And it's less costly than having legislatures around the country go through the process of drafting and passing laws against using cell phones while driving.


Cell phones can now be cheaply manufactured with GPS capacity. Mandate that all cell phones sold in the USA include a GPS strip on the circuit board ( about $3.00 cost for O.E.M.s ) PER PHONE...then if the phone is travelling above a certain speed ( say 5 or 10 mph) the outbound texting feature would be disabled..No other GPS features would need to be active at the subscribers discretion. If texting while driving is as dangerous as drinking & driving then what a cheap solution to a growing problem.....

Where are our "leaders" on this matter? It takes a brain to lead...this is almost a "no brainer"

r gould-saltman

Let teenagers see it? I'd DEMAND they see it, or stronger before being issued a driver's license! Back in the olden days, they used to have far more graphic pieces than this (called things like "Hell's Highway", "Turnpike Terror", etc.) which they showed as part of mandated drivers' ed. They can do much better now, with full-color video available.

Seriously, when my son got to be of driving age, I made darn sure he'd seen what a few really gruesome auto collisions, and the resulting injuries, looked like. He's a pretty good driver.

BTW, when I was in 7th grade, in Palo Alto CA, someone brought over from Stanford Med Center, and showed our health class a lovely B&W video (or film? This was about 1967?) of the middle of a lung lobectomy. It had NOT been edited for the squeamish.

I'm guessing only a VERY small number of my classmates became adolescent smokers.

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