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People are so selfish they never look at whats best for the child all they care about is whats best for them and how they feel not how it would effect the child.

Jeanne M Hannah

Anthony, I believe you will have some conflict of laws issues. In other words, should the laws of Delaware or the laws of NJ apply? Usually, the applicable law is that of the state where the child resides. The longer you wait, the less likely you are to succeed in having a fraudulent adoption set aside and, of course, the more trauma for the child.

My advice? Consult with an adoption specialist in Delaware and/or New Jersey.

Anthony Jack

Hello my name is Anthony,
I ran across this post while doing research for my own case. I actually commented on this article on another blog but figured that I would here as well. I'm trying to help raise awareness, this happens to many men. My daughter Peyton was also put up for adoption on the day of her birth without my consent.

I was involved with my ex throughout the first six months of her pregnancy until she disappeared. She was upset with me because I did not want to raise our child as a couple. We both had substance abuse problems, but I decided to get help and am still clean to this day. When I finally learned what had happened it was to late. I made a lot of mistakes, like not registering with any putative registry. I didn't know what to do at the time.

The mother had tried to manipulate me into getting back together with her by stating that the adoption was open and that she could get Peyton back, but would only do so if we were together. I later learned from the mother's sisters that she had received $5000 for the adoption. I was extremely angry about the whole situation but continued to see the mother because she was getting pictures and I tried to get as much info as I could about what had taken place.

I eventually ended the little charade with the mother and walked away with some valuable info. I had learned the two first names of the men who adopted Peyton as well as the fact that they live in Delaware. I also had pictures of Peyton that they were in. I live in PA but discovered that the adoption agency was based in NJ. I suspect that they went to NJ because of their laws concerning gay adoption.

Armed with all of this info I was able to actually find profiles of the two men online revealing their full names, phone #, address, and even more pics of Peyton. It's obvious that they have no reason to expect that there's anything wrong with the adoption, otherwise I'm sure that all of this info wouldn't be public.

While I'm glad that Peyton appears to be well taken care of and loved, I never consented. There is no one that could possibly love of care for Peyton more than I do. I want my daughter back but I fear that if I contact them that I'll scare them off and miss my opportunity. I don't have money for a lawyer, and I desperately need some advice.

I started a blog explaining the whole situation and also write letters to Peyton there.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Please visit my blog also. Thank you.

sandra mcdonald

The child is named Hunter and is my grandson. The couple who stole my grandson knew in the hospital that my son wanted his child and took him anyways. They are no better than kidnappers. Hunter knows his father and sister and all his Texas family. He even knows that he was taken away
He is a wonderful child that should have never been taken. Their are plenty of children that both parents don't want. Hunter would be fine if came home for good. Shawn has him for a whole month in July and he doesn't cry or beg or even ask to go back to the couple. He crys when it's time to leave. Let's just pray that this doesn't happen to your son when he gets older.

Jeanne M Hannah

Lisa, what you suggest -- if carried out in any similar case -- would make this possible: Suppose you were shopping in a department store and some stranger came along and took your baby. Suppose a few years went by and by some miracle, you found your baby. Under your scenario, your baby should stay with the only parents he knows.

Is that what you think would be best for YOUR baby?

Why cannot any childless couple just go out shopping then, and pick babies up out of strollers and take them home? If they are able to keep them long enough, the biological parents should not be entitled to recover them, right?


Leave the child alone--he should stay with the only parents he knows. When the child is old enough he let him make a decision to get to know his B. Father. Why can't folks look out what is best for this child!

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