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Jeanne M Hannah

Maria, this is not about America vs Brazil. This is not about wealthy and politically powerful people being able to use money and contacts to violate a treaty Brazil signed. This is about a child being reunited with his biological father after the tragic death of his mother.

With your logic, if I couldn't have a child and wanted one, I could just go down to the local supermarket and grab one, hide it, and refuse to return it when (if) its parents ever found me and the child. I could refuse to return it, claiming I could give it a better life. That is madness. That is kidnapping, plain and simple. For more about this, see Jeanne M. Hannah


what if goldman is not as nice as he appears lol what if that woman was abused and ran to brasil for that reason ....and what if she said on her death bed not to let the child be raised in america for these reasons ...ever thought about that ...goldman was a model ...and that brasilien woman high society before she even married that lawyer ...what if brasil is way better in livestyle if you in the uppercrust that america ...what is that boy going to do here ..flip burgers and have no health insurance or become a right wing fundamental christian please quit acting like america is the place to be its not

Jeanne M Hannah

Ms. Garcia, thank you for your comment. Let's not make assumptions. Let's just follow the rule of law. Brazil's law says that if a parent passes away, the other parent is entitled to have custody immediately and that parent's rights are superior to any third party. Lins e Silva is a third party. He has no parental rights. Sean has the right to know and live with his biological father. Period. Jeanne M Hannah

Virgínia Nogueira Garcia

I just believe it is kinda difficult for someone who does not live in the contry he is writing about to be able to make such assumptions. It would be fair if the both parts would concentrate on the process, and stop atacking each other. That would also be for the greater well-being of the child.

Jeanne M Hannah


Thank you for posting your comment, and thank you for leading me to the transcript. It is very important that people read this transcript for what it is . . . and see the way in which Sean is being isolated from David Goldman and led in his thoughts and words.

When I read the transcript, I did not see any compelling statements by Sean that would make me believe that his objection to return has much basis in reasonable preference, other than, of course, the Brazilian family is the only one he remembers / knows. JMH


How much does it cost to buy a psychological evaluation in Brazil anyway? Etiher way, I'm sure you get a discount if you're the largest family law firm in the country with an uncle that served on the Supreme Court and family relations with the President. It should be said that psychologists in Brazil are not held to any ethical standards. They are free to give any testimony they want without fearing lawsuits or losing their license. We have many ethical problems with psychological evaluations in US custody proceedings even with those safeguards in place. If you read the interview in which Sean "says he wants to stay" you will see he was asked a series of leading questions designed to produce the subsequently obtained results. It also bears mentioning that when court appointed psychologists posed this same question (where did he want to live) to Sean his answer was basically "whatever". Court appointed psychologists also stated that they saw a concerted effort to alienate Sean from his father by, among other things, telling him that his father had abandoned him and didn't love him. How can we expect Sean to answer such questions sincerely when his abductors are watching him and have been doing everything in their power to poison him against his father?

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