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Jeanne M Hannah

Gina, your comments are similar to those that have been expressed previously. The problem is, of course, that states will lose their federal welfare supplements if they cannot and do not put in place and keep in place state agencies for the collection of child support. That has been true since August 22, 1996 when President Clinton signed into law the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996.

I agree that the system is imperfect, but it is perhaps the best that we can come up with.

Gina Bond Fody

The far reaching and abusive powers granted to FOC in Michigan are an example of the erosion of liberties. At the hands of vindictive FOC personel, the vicitims are ultimately the children whom they "profess" to be working to protect. They work for no one but their own jobs. There should be accountability and transparency in these agencies. If a parent can't drive, they can't find work, and they get deeper in debt to the state. What happens when they get a job? The state takes its money first, and IF there's any left over the child gets a little share. This system is broken and needs to be fixed. Read Carol Rhodes book about FOC and you'll see what has happened in Michigan, and probably every other state in the country.


This is not limited to private entities. Senate Bill 102 would allow the Michigan Friend of the Court to order the Secretary of State to revoke a parent's license automatically and immediately upon failure to comply with a repayment plan order, and the paying parent would be required to obtain a certificate of compliance and pay various fees in order to obtain a license again. If passed, parents who are the innocent victims of mistake of fact or fraud will have to find a way to survive without a driver's license until they can prove those facts to a court which has already imposed a punishment on them.

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