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An obvious, and obviously overlooked, fatal flaw in House Bill 5598, is the fact that most Humane Society's are NOT no kill facilities. In other words if the "pet" is not adopted, or the facility lacks the capability or capacity to care for this pet, it is Euthanized. If Jeanne were to bring her own rice and nori, she might create very fresh sushi indeed on the spot. Perhaps the Humane Society will need to add extra seating for diners in their waiting area, or better yet, our legislators may want to reexamine House Bill 5598 with their thinking caps on.

Doug Dante

Thank you, Jeanne Hannah, for injecting a bit of rationality.

December 11, 2006, I requested that the SCAO allow parents to have access to required parenting time investigation and parenting makeup policies that various local Friend of the Court offices. These policies are required to exist and be followed as a matter of law, but it's been plain from discussions at the FRC yahoo group that in most local courts, such policies simply don't exist, and parenting time seems to be handled on an ad hoc basis.

Item 10 on agenda March 2, 2007:

Rejected by SCAO March 22, 2007:

I've contacted every legislator on the Family and Children's services committee. None have responded.

As it stands now, getting make up parenting time is a difficult, expensive, and difficult process. If the policies required by law were in place, implementing them promptly would be straightforward.

Original request:

Carl Gromek
Chief of Staff
State Court Administrator

Thank you for your memo to all interested persons regarding the process for developing and revising SCAO approved forms, and for your forward thinking in allowing any person to request that the SCAO develop a new form or revise an existing form.

The Friend of the Court Act 522.519 Mandates that Each friend of the court office:

"(e) Develop and recommend guidelines to be used by an office in determining whether or not parenting time has been wrongfully denied by the custodial parent."

Similarly, The Support and Parenting Time Enforcement Act Act 295 of 1982, Sec. 42. says in part:

"Each circuit shall establish a makeup parenting time policy under which a parent who has been wrongfully denied parenting time is able to make up the parenting time at a later date."

I request that you develop a new form or revise any appropriate existing form to allow for any person to request both the makeup parenting time policy and the guidelines used by the office in determining whether or not parenting time has been wrongfully denied by the custodial parent.

Such a form will allow parents easy access to the basic procedures used by the court, and will allow them to understand effectively when and when not to petition the court regarding parenting time. This will reduce unnecessary parenting time complaints and save the court time and money.


a.k.a. Doug Dante

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