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A 12 year old is likely not mature enough to be responsible for 2 eleven year old twins for 6 to 8 hours or longer. However, at age 12, the FOC cuts off a requirement of payment for child care.

I've written many articles about how to determine whether a child is old enough to be left home alone and how to tell when a sibling is old enough to be left in charge of younger siblings. You may find the list of those blog posts at this link.

What about a 12 yr old boy watching or being "in charge" of his twin sisters which are 11. I am having an issue with my ex requiring daycare for the 3 aftr there was a support modification.


I believe that a child might be left at a babysitter's for weeks if the parents are on vacation, or have business travel. But I don't believe that overnights just for the parent's convenience that stretch over a period of days or weeks is "babysitting." That crosses over into the area of "boarding" a child to live with someone. Don't you wonder whether that babysitter has been approved as a foster parent?

how long after a child is left with a babysitter does it cross the line from babysitting to living there???

Thank you for your comment. Please feel free to disseminate this information. Jeanne

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