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I wish I had seen this three years ago and somehow was able to reach you to share our journey with you and help you have success in your situation as it concerns the well-being of your son.

If you get this post, I would love to figure out a way for us to speak with each other (maybe we could possibly go through Jeanne Hannah). I so want our success in the courts, and ALL the money we have invested in helping my stepdaughter, to be able to help children and their fathers everywhere.

Cynthia Royce (the step mother of the child in Roodvoets vs. Royce)


I concurr with the decision and applaud the COA in this case. I would like to know how they were able to show and prove the physchological reasons that can harm the father child relationship.

My son is in a similar situation. The mother is clearly metally imbalanced but the during the triall the judge discounted evidence including diagnosis of Munchausen's and other mental disorders.

In this case three different mental health professional testified. Obviously, they must have evaluated the child. How was this have been possible if one parent refused to allow a child counseling if the other parent was involved?

How were they able to prove the mother slept with the child? In our case, the mother still sleeps with the 6 yr old boy. We know this to be a fact but no evidence is possible. In an interview with Child Protective Services, the child indicated that he slept with his mother "sometimes" and per the report, he was evasive on giveing answers.

How does this information get put in the hands of the court? The referal to CPS was two fold, one the emotional harm to the child and the fact the mother's residence was filthy. Per CPS rules, they were not able to enter completely unnanounced giving the mother an opportunity to clean up.

Since the child was not seen in any immediate physical danger, no action was taken. The residence has grown much filthier, but CPS refuses to re investigate because the previous unsubstantiated claim.

How can all of this be brought before a judge? How can the mother's continual refusalal to follow the court order be addressed? She refuses to communicate with my son on the record. She neither signs nor dates any communication.

The court order stipulated she inform my son of her extended summer parenting time prior to April 15. My son's lawyer sent a letter to her lawyer in late March indicating his summer parenting time. He also followed this with a certified letter to his wife.

Up to the last day, we were not sure if plans would be disrupted because she kept telling the boy, "she would not allow him to go to Disneyland with her father". Her threats did not materialize but caused tension right up till the moment his vacation began even fearing she might do something to make him sick.

By contrast, she handed my son a non dated, non signed letter indicating her extended parenting time would begin within 4 days of the letter this last week.

My son has been unable to cummunicate with her since. He has sent emails and given a letter to her mother. She refused to reply. For over two years the voice mail box on her cell phone has been "full" negating the simple ability to leave a message.

My son records every phone call and she refused to leave any messages, preferring to hand him notes because she knows he tape records transfer of the child.

She also continues refusal to follow the court order requiring notification of dr apoints. Upone conversation with my son, asking about a date, "she didn't know". Learing of the date, he showed at the dr's office where she became agitated and accused him of harrasing her.

How can all this be shown to a judge? What is the forum? Or is it hopeless because MI family court are totally biased towards women?

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