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Rita Cunningham

Yes, this is a very sad story. My view on this is that I am the biological grandmother and have persoanl knowledge of the entire story. Judge Clatterbaugh had the results of the DNA testing that showed Douglas Voris is the biological father by 99.9998% These results were presented months prior to the termination of the parental rights of the Coopers. However, Judge Clatterbaugh is the Judge that authorized the testing. Since then Judge has refused our filings and never conducted an Evidentiary Hearing prior to the termination hearing to determine who the biological father is of Corbyn. Instead on the same date of the termination hearing, Judge proceeded with the termination of parental rights and left the door open for Douglas to bring in the mother or legal father to testify the child was not a product of the marriage. Judge knowingly knew his jurisdiction ended and still led Douglas to believe he would prevail and conducted four additional hearings. When Heather Cooper (mother) of Corbyn Michael Douglas Voris was brought in to testify Douglas Voris was the biological father, the Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Finnegan basiclly removed Heather from the court room took her into an enclosed room for twenty minutes. Prior to the court hearing Heather had spoke with Douglas's Attorney and stated she was going to testify Douglas was the father and she had taken care of her fines so Shiawassee County could not put her in jail. Prosecutor Finnegan witness tampered and threatened Heather Cooper if she testified Douglas Voris was the biological father, Heather would be charged with Adultery and be placed in jail. Even though our son is still trying to gain his son, My husband and I have continued our own battle to hopefully adopt our grandson. Personnel at DHS, Judge Clatterbaugh's court refers to us as grandma and grandpa to Corbyn. We have been trying to file an Adoption in order to get custody of our grandson. As of today we are still fighting the system and hoping and praying for the day Corbyn can be reunited with us. We had visitation for the first year, then DHS decided to stop visitations. In March Michigan Children's Institute Superintendent, Wlliam Johnson started the visitations again. Once Judge Clatterbaugh learned of this our visits were stopped again and we are still trying to get our Adoption "Related within the fifth degree". Judge Clatterbaugh stated we must prove how we are related to Corbyn, again we have DNA testing, birth certificates and Michigan Statute MCLA 710.22 DEFINES RELAATIVE BY MARRIAGE, BLOOD, OR ADOPTION. What more does he need to decide that it is a Relative Adoption and not a Competitive Adoption. This is a very sad Story for all of us. Especially when Judge Clatterbaugh states "why doesn't grandma just let him be adopted and stop ruining his life." There has been Prosecutorial misconduct and Judicial misconduct, and some Unethical conduct exhibited by the Prosecuting attorney, DHS, and Judge Clatterbaugh from the beginning, this is one big conspiracy and they had a plan from day one. Thank you and God Bless you for listening. Keep us in your prayers as we are not going to give up until we receive the justice that this family and Corbyn deserves. Just a ending note "We finally received an Adoption packet and a home study after a two and a-half year request. Once the home study was completed we were told that we could adopt any child that we wanted except for the one we requested, which happens to be or grandson Corbyn, due to he has been with the same foster provier. It is irrantic they call it stable and financially sound for the foster provider. Her and her husband lost their home to foreclosure, they have been divorced, the foster care provider has moved to at least five different homes within four different counties in Michigan, this has taken place close to the last four years. Our grandson was removed from her care for several months, and then placed back in the home and the foster care provider is on state assitance, and receiving foster care payments for our grandson. When in fact, my husband and I hve been married for 21 years, financially stable and can provide our grandson with a loving, caring, nurturing and stable home environment. The foster care provider has her brother's 6 month old son, because he is a ward of the state and in the court system and they do not want to lose their own member to the foster care or state system. How does she think we feel as Corbyn's grandparents. Like I said I could go on and on. But our hopes and prayers are that Corbyn can come home with his family soon. We are continuing our legal battles. Sincerely Rita Cunningham

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