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Jeanne M. Hannah

Jim, in order to protect your right to be a father to this child, you may do one or both of the following: (a) file a Complaint to Establish Paternity before the child is born and/or (b) file an "Intent to Claim Paternity" with the DHS. I strongly urge the first option and proper service of process. Otherwise you risk having her leave the State before you can establish paternity.

Jim Ferguson

I have an ex girlfriend who is about 9 weeks pregnant. She says she wants to do the whole pregnancy on her own and doesn't want me around. She also said that i will have no right to see my child when he/she is born. I know that is not the truth. I want to very much be a father and I know she is gonna make this difficult for me. I have tried to offer support for her pregnancy as well as financial support but she refuses any of it. Like i said she is only 9 weeks but i don't want to wait till the baby is born to figure out my rights to be in this babies life. Can you suggest anything that i can do right now that will help me out.


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Enoch T Nartey

I have an order for child support drafted by plaintiff's lawyer to be reviewed by me and presented to the judge for signature. In the order it was stipulated for me to have an insurance policy in place and make plaintiff the beneficiary of the policy to gurantee my child support obligations for my daughter in the event of my death. I have a very serious objection to the language in this context and suggested to my lawyer if there was a better way for me to gurantee my child support obligation without having to make the plaintiff in a beneficiary of a life insuarance policy held by me. I asked why can't the child be a beneficiary to the policy and a trustee appointed by me. My lawyer is clueless and I have spent over $14000 dollars on this case. My lawyer's work is not satisfying in the least so I had to let the lawyer go.

I am looking for a competent lawyer to handle my case. I live in Auburn Hills Michigan. Any referals will be welcomed. I am a father who has supported my daughter since she was born. I was nevered married to my daughters mother; however, I was married at a later time and have two additional daughters. The plaintiff in this case claims to the court that she earns $10000 a year which I know is a lie. My lawyer did not verify any of this information. I have parenting time ordered by the court based on the recommendation from the Friends of the Court which is good for my daughter. The last part of the puzzle is to have a child support order in place which will address the needs of my daughter giving her some legal recourse in the event the money meant for her upkeep is mismanaged.

A feed back from you will be much appreciated. Thanks

Enoch T Nartey

Jeanne M. Hannah

Corey, it sounds as though you are the biological father of a child conceived or born during the mother's marriage to another man. Given the present state of the law in Michigan, if that is the case, there is usually nothing that can be done to establish any kind of parental rights for the biological father.

Every case is decided on its specific facts, however. Please share more specifics.

Jeanne Hannah

Corey Yaeger

I am one of these fathers who dont have rights and I think we need to change this law they say they want whats best for the child, but yet the best thing for that child is his biolocical parents not someone pretending to be please e- mail me

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