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While I see the court's reason behind ruling against this guy, for the life of me I cannot understand how or why so many men stand idly by while our rights are trampled on. At least this guy took the initiative to attempt to pry open the closed minds of so many in the family court system who see a man as simply a wallet. Why are women allowed solely to make such a life-altering decision as to have a child? While it is a violation of federal law for anyone to interfere with a woman's right to an abortion, what rights does the father of that child have in the decision making process? None. Why are women allowed to abandon a child up to 72 hours after giving birth with no penalty? Why are women allowed to adopt a child out to anyone of her choosing without even trying to contact the father or establish paternity? When I asked my attorney these direct questions, her response was that when I took off my pants, I gave up all of my legal rights and that the only right I have is to adhere to the support order issued by the court. Seems awfully Draconian to me. I would love to find an attorney who would look at the 14th Amendment to the Constitution and see that not everyone in this country is allowed due process and fair and equal treatment under the law! Men are not second class citizens, but it appears that most states are trying to lesgislate that very thing! Thank you for your time.

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