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Todd...if u are still here you are right, these PPOs are dangerous and abused 95% of the time, join in our fight to overturn the vague law before to many more people get what you did...abuse by the PPO LAW itself


I am in a situation were I was abandoned by my then wife for 3 months with our 2 children. My then wife filed for a PPO after her boyfriend filed for one against me. And I did not even know who he was at the time. They claimed to NOT be having an affair and were only in contact with each other to produce a Surrogate Baby (Surrogate contracts are a Felony in Michigan MCL 722.859) for her boyfriend and his wife. I was removed from my home where I was taking care of our children by their PPO's and she moved into the marital home with her boyfriend immediatley.

After a 2 weeks I was accused of driving by and calling my then wife and her boyfriend from UNAVAILABLE and UNKNOWN phone numbers on the caller I.D. and the burden of proof was none before a Probate Judge. But all of her claims of Violations were turned in to Felony Stalking charges which I have been found not guilty of in 4 criminal trials.

There was never ever and domestic violence or abuse of any kind in our 15 year marriage. But the Judge granted these PPO's and continues to claim he knows what is going on and always rules with his opinion that I did it.

These PPO's are only sought by women to gain an extreme advantage in divorce proceedings.

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