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Angel, courts won't just remove a father from the child's birth certificate ad leave the space for legal father blank. The real biological father has to be willing to accept legal and financial responsibility for the child. Usually, this requires court action, and it's usually complicated enough that you'll need a lawyer to help you.


The biological father is not on my sons birth certificate. Im looking to correct the birth certificate by having the non-biologiacal father name removed. My son knows who his biological father is. And the indidvidual on it currently will consent to the omisson for he has not been apart of my sons life for 11 years. How can I correct this!

Jeanne M Hannah

In Michigan, a child is presumed to be the child of the mother's husband as a matter of law. The hospital will automatically put the husband's name on the birth certificate. In addition, if a child is born within 300 days of a divorce, the legal father is automatically the ex-husband.

Tracy Hyder

I was wondering if in the state of michigan can a mother who is leagally married and is fighting with the bio/ father omit the fathers last name on the birth certificate and name the child her madien name? She is married to the father Conserned Gramdma

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